Submerged Digits

Perhaps one of the dumbest things I’ve heard come out of someone’s mouth lately….I was at Home Depot today, specifically in the garden center. They have tons of plants/trees out and are watering them alot. This idiot guy, wearing thong flip flops, states out loudly: “Geez, why do they have to water the plants. My toes are all wet now and it feels gross.” Ummm, fuck nut, thats what happens when you go to a garden center! You take the chance of getting dirty and wet. Where the hell is common sense these days.

Skills in Listening

There’s a new tv show that debuted tonight after the super bowl. It is called Undercover Boss. While the concept of the show isn’t exactly original, the message behind the show is. It pretty much states that upper managment/directors/officers of companies need to listen to their employees. If they don’t, the company itself as well as the employees will suffer. There are too many people in charge that have no desire to listen to the people that actually “run” the company. If the ones in charge would do more like Larry from Waste Management, there would be more happy employees at their jobs and more efficiency throughout. Congratulations Larry on being able to show real emotions toward the people who make the company function.


Well, attitude is important, as long as that respect goes both ways. They hire someone to do a job, then basically tell that person to shut the hell up when they offer intelligent decisions to make a solution for something. I will never back down in my beliefs. Did it catch up to me? Yep. But when I see that things are ineffcient, I’m going to say something. It just sucks that some people don’t want to hear what you have to offer, just because they don’t have the balls to stand up to others.

The sense of entitlement of alot of people is unreal. They think that because they are in a managment/director/attorney position, that it is their god given right to push people around by way of their title. Making double/triple work out of something is just plain stupid, just because it has to be their way?? LOL. What fucking ever.

Yep, my atttitude did stink. It wasn’t because of my own personality. It was drug out by certain people in that organization. I cannot work with my hands tied behind my back, just to make “them” look better. They pushed the “TEAM” motto, but that never ever came to light. Team work involves all in the group, not just the “powers that be”. They should listen to the people that actually made them look good, instead of brushing them under the rug like dust bunnies.

Common Sense

Why is it that in todays world, people just cannot think or do things for themselves? Why must they have someone to do everything for them? I was raised with the ability to think for myself. I mean, I work for an organization that breeds people to not think for themselves. Why must I press the power button on a computer or why must I type someones password? Are they really that incapable of thought? Do they have someone to start their car for them? Or drive it? Or turn on their tv? Really, where does it end.

People of the 21st century, wake the fuck up!! Learn how to do common tasks for yourself. Its really not that hard. Whats worse, is that by doing this behavior, they are teaching the kids of today to be lazy and treat other people bad. I have no problem teaching/yelling/screaming/talking to my kids about not being lazy. I sure as hell am not, so why should I let them sit around and be “like others”.