Boring a hole

On the way into work today, I passed a cougar driving a Cougar. Glancing over at her, I noticed that one finger was up a nostril, while in the other hand, she was holding a cigarette. Keep in mind that both hands were occupied, neither of which was on the steering wheel. This was driving down the interstate at 70mph. Gotta love drivers today.


Gonna leave you

Well so far this fall, I have raked so many leaves I can’t even think anymore. Every weekend for the past 6, I have had to rake leaves. I want to cut these freaking trees down. But the spouse won’t have it. She likes the trees. But as it may be, she doesn’t have to rake them up. I want to cut down these nuisance trees and plant some queen or royal palm trees to flank the driveway. Or even put maples in place. At least they don’t continually drip sap and berries all over the cars and driveway. Oh well, wishful thinking. I guess only in my dreams can I think about “leaving”.