Lucid Dreaming

taylor-swift-omgI have to wonder how the human brain works while sleeping. What would make me have a dream which included me riding in a work van with someone whom I’m no longer work with, driving by railroad tracks in which an old man is push mowing the center grassy areas in those tracks and then coming upon Taylor Swift (who was dressed like one of the Hardees commercial models) hand washing an RV which was towing a Cigarette Racing boat behind it. Of course I had to make the person driving the van stop so I could take a picture of her & with her. Previously eaten foods cause lucid dreaming.


robbedWhy is it, that in this day and age, it is almost impossible to go on a cheap vacation to a place that you really like without getting screwed over by the hotel of your choice? Stupid high room fees, resort fees, extreme tax rates, parking fees, toilet fees, trash fees (OK, the last two are exaggerated a bit). But you get the point. Currently, it is cheaper to go to Aruba (both room and airfare) than it is to go to a popular resort destination area in the continental US.


On/Off Switch

PrintI promise. Turning an electronic device off, then on again could resolve your issue. I can’t emphasize it enough daily, but yet people just cannot grasp the simple fact that rebooting/restarting your computer, cell phone, dvd player, video projector, automobile, printer, microwave and yes even a simple lamp can actually fix the issue you were having with that device. So heed the advice – turn it off, turn it on. Reboot. Magic will follow.

Like A Slut

Paul Allen, you’re a slut. One who wants to give it away all the time. You know who Paul is, a co-founder of Microsoft. He’s a billionaire too. With too much money in his hands, he doesn’t know what to do with it. Just like all billionaires. Take, take, take, then give, give, give. But whom are they giving it to? Foundations & charities for art & culture. What the fuck people! What a crock ‘o shit. A foundation is a tax shelter for the uber rich. I can see it. Can you?

Now Paul wants to give away ‘most’ of his 13.5 billion dollar estate to these foundations & charities. Here’s a question for you Paul: why don’t you give away that 13 billion to the people of the US? There’s what, approximately 309 million people in the US? Divide that out equally amongst the people in the US. You know, those people that have purchased the software that made you a billionaire in the first place.

The government should make a law that mandates that any billionaire who wants to give away their estate, be required to give it to the U.S. citizens directly. Screw this foundation crap, where money sits for years, earning interest, making the rich richer under the table. Going directly to the people will eliminate the bullshit of having to beg for money from a foundation/charity. Why should the people of the U.S. have to beg for money? Just give it to us. We’ve earned it. We’ve payed your way for decades. Now give back to US, the people of the U.S.

So take 13 billion dollars, divide that into approximately 309 million US citizens, $42. Yes, I’ll take it. It’s not much, but it’s something. Consider it a mail in rebate that took years to process. When can I expect my check, you slut?

P.S. Bill Gates, you’re part of this too. Give back directly to the U.S. citizens. Stop hiding the money you “give” away.

El Cheapo Wedding

I recently read a Twitter posting from @cedarwoodwed about how they received a request for a wedding for 200 people for $1000. Their reply? “What planet”

Now color me stupid, but in today’s economy, why would this be so unheard of? Granted, maybe Cedarwood Weddings wouldn’t be able to provide this kind of service at their location, but surely someone there could help the people who inquired about this, instead of bashing them on Twitter, whose audience is around 100 million users. Especially in the south, where people are known to be helpful to others in time if need.

Why can’t inexpensive food & drink from a local eatery be obtained and served? Why can’t inexpensive flowers be purchased or solicited for cheap from a local florist or grower for the event? Why can’t a pretty location be obtained or rented for low cost? Donations are made all the time. There are businesses out there that are willing to help people. They provide materials for low to no cost in exchange for advertising. It’s not unheard of. Some businesses just have no imagination when it comes to “low cost” and are just plain greedy.