Musical Genius

Musical genius. I must be one. It seems every time I sit at the keyboard and start typing, wind de breakage seems to abound from me. So much so, that whenever I do it and Zizzy hears it, she yells out “I heard that daddy”. And I’ll yell back, “it stinks too; come smell it”. And then she does. Just needed to share.

She Smells Like A Sewer

Youngest boy in the house yelled from the other room: “She smells like a sewer”. He was referring to his little sister, who had done her daily poopy and was hovering over him while he was playing a video game. I think that’s the funniest way to describe the stink that occurs when a toddler poops in their pants. Still laughing about it.

Blast Off

Ok, I admit, I laugh at farts. I’m a guy and most (real) guys do. When the 2 year old blasted one off this morning at the table while eating her cinnamon poptart, I couldn’t help but smile. It was a perfect combination of training panties, a hardwood chair, and a tight integration of her butt with the chair that resulted in a blast that probably threatened the structural integrity of the chair (not really, but it sounds cool). It was reminiscent of her daddy (me). They are so cute at this age.