1 of 3 Down

Oh well. I was wrong. I predicted that Didi Benami would go to the final 3 on AI. Tough luck for her. And best of luck to her.

iPhone Down

See, even Denise Richards has AT&T problems. She’s had no internet all day. What is the world coming to…

(Black)Berry Good

Do you have Berry envy? I, for one, would desire the iPhone on Verizon. I can’t stand AT&T Wireless service (really just don’t like their voice codec). I like the functionality of the iTouch and know I would like the iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my berries (yes, plural. I have many that I switch between). I’m just tired of them. Not from a physical/operational standpoint, I just get bored with electronic toys easily. So hurry up Apple & Verizon. Get your shit together and get that phone released.

Gotta Wear Shades

Now this is what I’m talking about. Woke up from my nap (yep, I took a nap this afternoon and it felt great), went outside to get the dogs. This is the sunshine I love. Bright (like sunglass wearing bright), no clouds in the sky, warm temps. This is what it needs to be all year round. Yep, gotta wear shades!

Time Will Tell

8 o’clock and all is well. Well, it will be, once that time actually gets here. Kids are driving me nuts tonight. Very wound up. That bed time is not yet close enough. Tick tock. Tick tock. I have to stop watching the clock, as it makes things seem so much slower.