Just Say No

Since I’ve been out of work, I had started drinking more soda and more beer. Well, a few weeks ago, I really started to notice that my pants were not fitting like they used to (I’ve never liked tight pants, but I also don’t like my Pants on the Ground). So I decided to stop drinking both of these in hopes of loosing weight. Plus getting the soda out of my system will help regardless (too much sugar in those yummy Sprites). So to those that want to loose a few pounds, just say no.

There's A Dog in There

No, this isn’t my dog. But I do have one like it. There’s no way I could get a picture of my dog while trying to brush her. Anywho, I bought the Furminator last year. It works so well on the dogs. Pulls so much dead hair out of them and makes their coat look all nice & pretty. I do recommend this to any dog/cat owner.


Well, I gave myself my first haircut today. I’m 40 years old and have never had the inclination to do this before. But with tough times, I decided to go ahead and use the clippers I bought at Ross last year. Using a #3 guard, I trimmed down my hair and well, I basically look like Dr House. That’s fitting, seeing as I have the same type of attitude as him too (just no drug problem). Worked out well and I can trim as often as I like without having to pay anyone. That’s a $15 per month savings.