Help Yourself

Slow technology makes you less efficient. Stop bribing the I.T. guy and start helping yourself.

Car Shit

Again, its funny how a toddler can speak some words. I’ve already written about Cole Slaw, but now its on to car shit. My little girl tries to pronounce chocolate. However, it comes out as car shit. Every time. I crack up every time she says it. So now she wants car shit cole slaw. Too funny.

Cole Slaw

You know, its really funny how little kids (around 2 years old), talk. The phrases they come up with, the way they interpret what older people say. But this one thing that my 2 year old daughter says right now, really makes me laugh. It’s Christmas time. She’s just really becoming aware of whats going on during this time of the year. And she’s been introduced to Santa Claus. However, the way she says it, it comes out as Cole Slaw. Over and over. With a slight lisp when pronouncing “slaw”. Makes me laugh every time. Others try to tell me not to have her say it like that, but I can’t help it. It’s just too damn funny.