Romper Room

I’ve been working a lot of hours lately. Getting stuff ready at work for the “big move”. First phase is this weekend. Worked a bit late last night. Went out and had dinner and drinks with some of my co workers. Nice change of pace from romper room at home.  Have to work on friday. Going to be another long day. Yippie for me.

Moving Parts

My neighbor across the street loves to hunt deer. Yesterday, their whole family went out and got one. Today was dismemberment day for the poor thing.

Oldest step son went over to their house. Comes back a while later, knocking on the front door of our house. His hands covered with plastic gloves, in his right hand he holds a leg from the deer. Not the whole leg, just part from the hoof to slightly above the knee. He’s so proud. Then he smartly shows off how the knee joint still works by moving the hoof up and down, while pointing out that the knee is moving. So cool.

I like fizz

One the way home yesterday from school, the boys wanted a bottle of soda. So their daddy (they are my step sons) stopped at a store to get them each one. The youngest decided he wanted to shake it up a bit. Of course we, as adults, know what is going to happen when the bottle is opened. Yep, all over the seat and the child. Son got in trouble by daddy, so Son called Mom (my wife) and when asked why he did it, he replied ” ’cause I like fizz”. Gotta love kids.

Boring a hole

On the way into work today, I passed a cougar driving a Cougar. Glancing over at her, I noticed that one finger was up a nostril, while in the other hand, she was holding a cigarette. Keep in mind that both hands were occupied, neither of which was on the steering wheel. This was driving down the interstate at 70mph. Gotta love drivers today.

Gonna leave you

Well so far this fall, I have raked so many leaves I can’t even think anymore. Every weekend for the past 6, I have had to rake leaves. I want to cut these freaking trees down. But the spouse won’t have it. She likes the trees. But as it may be, she doesn’t have to rake them up. I want to cut down these nuisance trees and plant some queen or royal palm trees to flank the driveway. Or even put maples in place. At least they don’t continually drip sap and berries all over the cars and driveway. Oh well, wishful thinking. I guess only in my dreams can I think about “leaving”.

Common Sense

Why is it that in todays world, people just cannot think or do things for themselves? Why must they have someone to do everything for them? I was raised with the ability to think for myself. I mean, I work for an organization that breeds people to not think for themselves. Why must I press the power button on a computer or why must I type someones password? Are they really that incapable of thought? Do they have someone to start their car for them? Or drive it? Or turn on their tv? Really, where does it end.

People of the 21st century, wake the fuck up!! Learn how to do common tasks for yourself. Its really not that hard. Whats worse, is that by doing this behavior, they are teaching the kids of today to be lazy and treat other people bad. I have no problem teaching/yelling/screaming/talking to my kids about not being lazy. I sure as hell am not, so why should I let them sit around and be “like others”.